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The Laguna Beach Historical Society

We have an ongoing series of programs for those interested to learn about and explore the history of Laguna Beach. Here’s the Historical Society programs scheduled so far for 2012:
• Tuesday, March 27th - Lila Zali and Laguna Beach Civic Ballet(Ballet
Pacifica) by Kathy Kahn
• Tuesday, April 24th - Pancho Barnes, Moye Stephens & Richard
Halliburton by Barbara Schultz
• Tuesday, May 8th - 80th Anniversary of Festival of the Arts by Sharbie
Higushi, Dee Challis Davy, and Dan Duling

The programs are from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. held at the Laguna Beach City Hall Council Chambers which is at 505 Forest Avenue. The public is always invited and there is no charge.

In 2011, we sponsored six programs Arnold Hano: History Not Always Made by a Committee, FDR July 14, 1938 Laguna Movie Clip & New Photos Acquired by the Historical Society, the Jahraus Family, St. Francis by the Sea Cathedral Chapel, History of Downtown Laguna Beach, and Surf's Way Up: Our Surf Musical Heritage which was cosponsored with the Susi Q.

As people loan us historic photographs, we will scan in and post on for people all around the world to view and enjoy.

Please leave comments. You can also purchase prints. Contact Board Member Gene Felder at 949-939-7257 to receive permission to re-publish an image. Send questions on photographs or Laguna Beach history to

The Laguna Beach Historical Society is an all volunteer non-profit civic organization dedicated to preserve historical information and artifacts of Laguna Beach and to accurately disseminate information regarding the important heritage of Laguna Beach.

The Historical Society headquarters is the Murphy-Smith Bungalow at 278 Ocean Avenue, which is generously leased to the Historical Society by Wells Fargo Bank for $1 per year. The Murphy-Smith Bungalow has a volunteer from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Visitors are welcomed to see a little corner of the past, a look back into how Laguna used to be.

Changes have occurred at the Laguna Beach Historical Society. After losing long serving President Belinda Blacketer and her father Doc Blacketer moving out of town, many distinguished members of the community have volunteered to serve. Continuing as Board members are: Dr. Gregg de Nicola, Anne Frank, Francie Holder Pemper, John Hoover, Eric Jessen, Gene Felder, Jane Janz, Ron Kaufman, Dr. Glenna Matthews, Laurie Sanders, Karen Smith, Vern Spitaleri, Kimberly Stuart, and Nelda Stone. The Board is dedicated to build upon Belinda and Doc Blacketer’s accomplishments of leasing the Murphy-Smith Bungalow from the Wells Fargo Bank and restoring it so beautifully. New Board Member Karen Smith is in charge of displays doing a great job. The Board is proud of doing a good job at meeting its top priority to ensure that the house is open to be enjoyed and experienced by members and the public to learn about Laguna Beach and take a step back into 1920s Laguna.

In 2010, we had five programs: Laguna Beach Art Galleries: It's Perils and Pleasures by Richard Challis, Gene Crain and moderated by Janet Blake, History of Laguna Beach, Early History of St. Mary's Episcopal Church by Starr Helms , View and Discuss Historic Laguna Beach Photographs from the Orange County Public Library, and Architectural Modernism in Laguna Beach by Ted Wells.

Prior programs have included the History of Main Beach Park 40th Year Anniversary Window-to-the-Sea, Train Robber’s Daughter: The Melodramatic Life of Eva Evans, Jack Norworth & Song “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”, the Legend of Pancho Barnes, a History of saving Laguna Canyon, the 1993 Laguna wildfire, Villa Rockledge, History of Laguna Art Museum, Dr. Lou D’Elia presents George Hurrell, Pancho Barnes, Larry Lytle on photographer William Mortensen, View and Discussing Historic Photographs, History of Surfing and the Laguna Connection, Effects of Spanish Colonialism on Takic-Speaking People, View and Discuss Historic Images from the Tom Pulley Postcard Collection, Victoria Beach Tower & Norman House by Mark Whitman, A Retrospective of Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts in Laguna Beach, Growing Up in Laguna During the Great Depression" by Peter Kaye, and Surfing Legend Peanuts George Larson by Craig Lockwood.

Those interested in supporting and joining the Laguna Beach Historical Society should send $15 per individual, $25 per household or $50 per business/organization to 278 Ocean Avenue, Laguna Beach CA 92651.

The Laguna Beach Historical Society is a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Date of incorporation as non-profit: February 14, 1992 State I.D. No: 1815518 Federal I.D. No: 33-0519882